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Over 20,000 clients in every corner of the world our resident Feng Shui Master, teacher, author, mentor and researcher Michael Hanna is one of the most sought after Feng Shui experts in the world and has helped thousands of people from all over the world change their lives for the better.


A true gauge of our success and knowledge is the fact that we are consultants and teachers to other Feng Shui consultants from around the world. As well as busy Practitioners we also founded and run the world famous International Academy of Feng Shui, attracting students and Feng Shui Practitioners from all over the world including London, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Thailand, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, to name a few.


This is a tiny selection of the thousands of testimonials that I have received over the years from every single corner of the world. I have such diverse clients, most are normal average people just like me, many rich, many extremely famous, but I am not going to tell you who and I am also not going to display the many photos I have at the many private parties or photos of my rich clients in their magnificent homes, I actually find this very distasteful and most of the photos that are displayed on these commercial web sites are just photo opportunities where they happen to be at the time. Below you will find a lovely selection of kind words from people from all walks of life; it gives me so much pleasure when my clients take the time to write to me...




We were at the end of the road with nothing left in us other than a very strong recommendation from some friends of ours who had a consultation with Michael Hanna a few months previous and felt we had nothing to loose other than more money. Our finances were the worst they have ever been, my husband had been out of work for nine months, our relationship in tatters and life was not looking good at all, in fact many nights I had some pretty gloomy thoughts about my life. We owe without any doubt at all our life's to Michael, he has turned our life's round, I cannot say we won the lottery or my husband turned into prince charming over night but the tide turned very quick and David is back at work with a great job that he really loves and we are back to where we were before with our relationship which was pretty good, most of all though is the feeling of utter contentment and happiness which fills me, my husband and my home every single day, thank you Michael, you are the best at what you do but most of all such a lovely person.


Susan & David (Harrow, London)




I cannot believe the difference in our home and also how we personally feel since having our consultation with Michael, he truly is such a lovely person who is so grounded but also very real and so down to earth with a great sense of humour. It is five months since the consolation and we go from strength to strength every day ever since the first week. Thank you so much, this we know was a turning point in our life.


Andy and Melissa (Kensington, London)



Just a quick note to let you know  that since  your visit my health /energy has improved  and the children actually seem to be behaving better which I was not expecting. I also won £93.00  & £10.00 on the auspicious sheng chi numbers you gave us and that the first time we used them so looking forward to more results. Thanks for everything  so far Michael


Suzanne ( Camden)



Little did I know how some of the intended changes to our house would have altered the wonderful energy that already existed? We first invited Michael in 2003 to do a full consultation of the property and he clearly laid out areas suitable for sleeping, cooking, eating and those areas suitable for storage and bathrooms. He showed us the simple benefits of using our front door more often, almost instantly we could feel the improved flow of chi.

We decided to fully implement Michael’s changes. It meant our total cost for the project was less than we had originally intended. Friends and family visiting our newly renovated house often weren’t aware of Michael’s input however they all seemed to feel the wonderful energy of the house.


I should mention that shortly after we moved back into the house I noticed that my son was sleeping right at the top of his bed. A quick phone call to Michael and he identified Geopathic Stress. This was corrected by Michael. The difference in my son’s sleeping habits was remarkable.

The experience of renovating our home was pleasant from start to finish. The quality of work carried out was to the highest standard, with no nightmare stories to tell. We feel grateful that we employed the theories of Feng Shui on this job and that we are now reaping the rewards.


Michael is a wonderful person to deal with, his knowledge of the subject is very deep. His calm, humorous approach brings the principles of Feng Shui to life, He gained an incredible insight into our family in a very short period of time and seemed intuitively to know the areas we needed help. He carried out the survey in a discreet manner and his kind, caring approach was felt by all our family.


Our children talk of Michael in such a kind way, he earned their respect with great ease. Michael brought us to a place where we can feel the wind at our backs gently moving us forward. We also enjoy the feeling of having Michael with his deep knowledge of Feng Shui there always ready and willing to answer a question or talk through a situation. We feel his strength; it’s a great thing to have …. And it all came from looking at his website a few years ago.


Andrew & Imelda (Dublin)  complete refurbishment of a very large three story home with three visits 2003 – 2008)

It was an honour to receive you in Singapore and the changes in our lives have been remarkable, I have used many Feng Shui Masters in Singapore, Malaysia and China but none have come close to you, your knowledge was amazing and the effect of the cures we placed were magical especially with regards to finance, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so sorry you had so much rain on this visit and hope your next visit will be more bring more sunshine.


Raymond (Singapore)



I 101% believe you saved my life! I have been under the hospital for over 10yrs now and in the last 7yrs things have progressively got worse. This coincides with us moving to our present abode 7yrs ago and that's roughly around the time I started reading about Feng Shui and placing cures around our home, to help our diminishing funds and my health. A saying which appears to be of relevance here would be "a little knowledge is dangerous", well it certainly was for me anyway, you see i was placing more or less the right things, just in the wrong places and of course our money situation got worse and so did my health, to the point that in May of 2003 I was told there was nothing more my medical consultant could do for me and that MAJOR life changing stuff was on the cards.


Of course I was devastated, that's when my sister said I know you don't have much money and that you think "your" Feng Shui is doing you good, but please consider seeing Michael, he really is the best and you can't put a price on your health. So Michael came to our home in August 2003 and straight away picked up on the health problems I was experiencing and showed me what i was doing wrong. Shortly afterwards I was referred to a top professor in London. I had an Operation in October and was given an "on trial" cream which was being tested on those willing.


In January 2004 I was given the most wonderful news, the cream had worked (or was it Michael?) and although they are keeping an eye on me, I have the "all clear". My condition started 10yrs ago as abnormal skin cells and over the last 7yrs turned to cancerous cells that were coming back more aggressive after each attempt to remove them. I am so grateful to you Michael and forever in your dept.


I told my Professor his cream is great but you can't beat a well placed wind chime!

Sorry only joking, so happy, Bye Bye!


June Falconer (Swanley)



I would not have believed that living in a country that has so many Feng Shui Masters in it I would have used a Master from England, your knowledge far exceeds any Master I have ever known in this country or even in Asia and the results not just for me but for my whole family including my Parents you have given us again far exceed the cost we paid you for the consultation. Thank you very much (Terima kasih banyak banyak)


Melissa & family (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)



Our life has changed beyond belief since your visit Michael, we are so honoured to have met you and whilst at first we kept your visit very quiet in our rural French village (especially being the odd English family in their eyes), we now cannot stop talking about you and I know a few of our friends already have been in contact with you and thank you so much for looking after them so well, I knew you would and obviously one of the reasons we were recommend to use you by Paul & Antoinette who cannot praise you enough, you really are one of the nicest people we have ever met. Thank you so much Michael and we are looking forward to seeing you again in March to do the business premises.


Kindest regards.

Sarah (France 2007)



My wife originally instructed Mr Hanna to come to our home in Schaffhausen as she had heard he often visits our country and to be honest I thought this would be a waste of more of my hard earned money. How wrong I was and although the cost was fairly high it was worth every Euro and much more.


I was a complete cynic with Feng Shui and all the other alternative ways my wife tries and always never tell my friends or family what Ingrid gets up to with her alternative ways. The day started with introductions and some strong coffee and I quickly found Mr Hanna to be very open and also very humorous of my obvious scepticism which I was given strict orders not to do but because he seems to read minds (not really but seemed like it) I could not hide it.


The end result was a very enjoyable and actually very funny day and two months later every aspect of our life’s just keeps improving, money, health (no real health problems but had low energy which is now running on six cylinders), relationship and above all our relationship with our teenage children has dramatically improved not just from our part but from theirs also, I am so thankful my wife discovered Mr Hanna through a recommendation of friends of ours in Lausanne whom he had visited last year. Thank you so much.


Bernard (Switzerland, Schaffhausen)




As you know I have been a Feng Shui consultant for eleven years  and I cannot believe what you taught me in one day and the difference in my home and Feng Shui is quite frankly amazing. I know I will take this new knowledge and apply it with my clients. Thank you so much Michael


Sarah (London)



Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gifts and talents, I am so happy that I went to England to meet the two of you. I am home so much richer then when I left. Out of all the teachers I have had, yours is the tops. Michael, you and Sallie are the best and I appreciate all of the time you both have put into giving. Thank you so much again.’


Suzen Ruth

Feng Shui Practitioner 19 years (USA)



After a long flight home and a week has passed I have still have so much excitement and energy in my body and soul, the whole weekend was the best I have had in a long time. I have studied with two very well know trainers in Malaysia and I really cannot begin to compare how you taught me compared to them, you are the best I have ever encountered in my ten years learning Feng Shui, thank you so much Michael and thank you also for spending time with me in the breaks to explain the water Dragon methods.


Silvia Cheung (KL - Malaysia)




Have come down to earth now and have started wringing out my brain that was like a sponge absolutely saturated with information from the weekend. The words wow and super wow come to mind, an incredible three days, and thank you. A nice group of people as well as first class tutors with good food and pleasant surroundings made it a weekend to remember’.


Dudley Taylor (Feng Shui Practitioner 12 years )



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