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On top of all that Michael Hanna and his team are the creators of the world's most powerful and most widely used Feng Shui software originally developed for himself and then his students, it is now used by thousands of Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners, Students and thousands of Feng Shui enthusiasts from every part of the world you can think of and has become the industry standard in Feng Shui software.

Whilst the majority of our Feng Shui consultations are carried out in and around London and the southeast Home Counties we travel all over the UK and also the world. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have. Feng Shui is not just about placing a Buddha stature here and there, it is working with individuals born in certain years living or working in a building that faces a particular compass direction that could be good or bad for them. There is nothing standard about Feng Shui especially when I visit London or any other large city or town, there are so many variances in landscapes and this can dramatically affect the Feng Shui for the occupants and it is our job to give you realistic solutions that will suit your pocket and also the home. For more details on our consultations click here.

A true gauge of our success and knowledge is the fact that we are consultants and teachers to other Feng Shui consultants from around the world. As well as busy London Feng Shui Consultants, we also founded and run the world famous International Academy of Feng Shui which attracts students and Feng Shui consultants from all over the world including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Thailand, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, to name but a few.

Formed in 1999 we enter our tenth year and over the years we have built a desirable client base ranging from Princess's, Ladies and Lords, Sir's, Counts and Countess's, Doctors, lawyers, many very famous clients and some of the largest companies in the world which I am sure you will have all heard of. The majo

We have consulted on  homes in the UK, London, USA, Canada, Thailand, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Bosnia, China, Hawaii, Sweden, Holland, Greece, Dubai, Switzerland, Austria, Malaysia, blue chip companies employing thousands of staff, small and large restaurants, hospitals, pubs, play schools, jewellers, schools, hairdressers, financial houses, brokers and even a church.

We provide a personal visit to your home or business anywhere in London, southeast or any of the Home Counties, Europe or worldwide. We work with all types of homes, offices, shops and business related buildings. Architectural floor plans for construction, design and renovation. Interior designer's proposals on furnishing and colouring as well as materials. search for new homes or business premises, interior design, garden landscaping, business stationery, logos, advertising and so much more.

Some of the areas we cover are:- London City, Chelsea, West London,  Mayfair, Bank,  Barnet, Harrow, Battersea, Greater London, Southwest London,  Belgravia, Bromley, Camden, Canary Wharf, East London, Chinatown, Northwest London,  Chiswick, Covent Garden, Croydon, Finchley Central, Fulham, South London, Heathrow, Islington, Kingston, Kensington, Notting Hill, Southeast London Paddington, Sidcup, Shepherd’s Bush, Strand, Northeast London, Twickenham, Uxbridge, Victoria, North London, Wembley, West Ham, Wimbledon, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Middlesex, Surrey. Essex,


Feng Shui compass

Pyser - SGI Francis Barker  surveyors/artillery hand made prismatic compass. We have one of the largest collections of specialist Feng Shui compasses in the world and use over £4000.00 worth just on consultations in the UK, if we visit other parts of the world we have to use different compasses as there are four different compass zones in the world.

Feng Shui London

I have consulted on thousands of buildings but sadly this is not  one of them. Houses of Parliament, photo taken a few days before Christmas 2008 around 5pm from the London Eye.

We are not just another Feng Shui Internet company; we are one of the longest established specialist Feng Shui companies in the world.